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Dog Grooming Services in Morgantown, West Virginia

Paradise Pets Grooming located in Morgantown, West Virginia, proudly offers grooming services for your beloved pet. Bring your dog or cat in for a quick brush and an affordable new 'do to have it looking its best. Walk-ins are accepted based on availability, but appointments are preferred.

Basic Cut & Style for Your Breed
Keeping your dog’s coat in top condition is not only important to keep your pet looking good, it’s also important for your canine’s health. From basic brush and wash to the more complex styles. No matter what breed you have, large or small, long or short hair, no dog is left out.

Prices for cuts range from $35–$45(Small Breeds), $40-$70(Large Breeds).
Nail trims are $8.
Spa package $10 (includes facial cleanse, dental cleaning, bow/bandana, and your choice of fragrance).

A Relaxing Bath Experience
Regular bathing is essential to the health and well-being of your dog. It also helps with shedding fur and gives your dog a healthier, gorgeous coat. Bring your pooch to our pet groomers for a relaxing bath experience.

The oatmeal treatment is perfect for any animal with dry skin, and the all-natural, tear-free shampoos leave your dog or cat looking its best, and help to alleviate any offensive odors. For any white animals, our whitener is perfect to make the coat look brighter. Separate flea baths are available.

Keeping Your Pet’s Nails at the Perfect Length
Regular nail trimming is necessary for any pet. While a dog's nails aren’t as destructive, if left too long, they curve and cut the pad of your pup’s foot. Bring your pets to us for affordable nail trimming services. Filing is only $10.00 and trims are only $8.00. We cut nails on any pet you have:


Services for all pets
• Birds • Dogs • Ferrets • Rabbits

• Iguanas

Contact our today in Morgantown, West Virginia, to make an appointment to give your pooch a new do.
Hours of Operation: Mo Tu Th Fr (7:00 am - 4:00 pm)         Earlier and Late Drop offs available