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Nichole takes special care... by Laura Edmonson,
I have been taking my dog to Nichole Larew at Paradise Pets since October 2011. Nichole takes special care of all her clients and their needs and her shop is always nice and clean. She always asks how or what I would like to have done and she calls me when she is finished. I have NEVER had any problems, or worries when I take Tess there and leave her, I KNOW she will be taken care of. Tess loves going there and loves Nichole!
She always does an excellent job and her prices are very reasonable!

Two Years Ago... by Grant and Kelly Johnson,
Two years ago, we adopted our Shih Tzu, Fraggle, from a shelter. To say the least, Fraggle's transition from the shelter to our home was a difficult one. Fraggle was uneasy around strangers and new places, including the groomers. At Fraggle's first grooming experiences, he was unable to be groomed at all due to his fear of others and his behavior. We quickly realized that we needed to stay with Fraggle as well as give him a sedative in order for him to be groomed. Although this was an effective strategy, we knew that we did not want to continue to sedate our dog. Upon our move to Morgantown last year, we dreaded the task of finding a new groomer for Fraggle. After searching for groomers around the Morgantown area, we came across Nichole's biography for Paradise Pets and were confident to take Fraggle there after reading about her expertise with dogs from shelters and ability to take on dogs that other groomers would turn down. When we called Nichole to set up an appointment, she urged us not to sedate Fraggle when we brought him in and to first have him come in for a trial run to get him acclimated to her and the place. We brought Fraggle to her, and she encouraged us to leave and let her be alone with Fraggle. To our surprise, Nichole successfully trimmed Fraggle's face and nails. Nearly a year later, Nichole continues to make progress with Fraggle with each grooming experience. We could not be more pleased with Nichole's work and patience with our dog. We highly recommend Paradise Pets for any and all dogs!

Running into Nichole... by Franchesca,
Running into Nichole Larew, owner of Paradise Pets, was one of my luckiest chance encounters. I was walking my Pomeranian, Opie, and she asked me about his previous grooming experiences and gave me her card. She asked, I am sure, because Opie had severe problems at that time. His previous groomer had cut his coat far, far too short, and the entire top of his back, from his neck to the base of his tail, was still nearly completely bald six months after the initial cut. The underside of his hair had grown in, but was not in good condition because I was afraid to take him to any more groomers. This was not just because of the bad cut, it was because Opie had been mistreated by the last groomer, suffering a wound on his leg that required eleven staples (which is a lot on a human, let alone a ten pound dog). I did not want him to be in danger, and he was also traumatized and afraid to be groomed. Thus the matted hair on his underside. My once beautiful dog was unsightly, but I had decided I would love him anyway, even if the hair never grew back, because I did not want him to be hurt or terrified. I kept Nichole's card on my kitchen table for a few weeks, then gave her a call. I explained everything about Opie's past, and how he might be very difficult. She assured me that she had worked with difficult clients in the past, and that she would just take it a little at a time. I was still scared, but I took the chance on Paradise Pets in the hopes that Opie would be a prettier, and most importantly, healthier and happier, dog as a result.

After Opie's first grooming, Nichole shared that she could tell Opie had endured major trauma at his last groomer. He was a lot to handle, but she had seen even worse. At first, Opie went to Paradise Pets every two weeks, to start getting used to the experience (he now goes once a month). Each time, Nichole did a little more, doing only what Opie would allow without getting terribly upset. Eventually she discovered that Opie would not allow himself to be removed from his cage by anyone but me--meaning she had to work on him and only him from start to finish without any breaks for other dogs or customers. Rather than giving up, we now have an arrangement where I drop Opie off early and she schedules her time so that she will be able to devote the entire time needed to fully groom him, start to finish, and he does not have to go spastic when someone other than me tries to remove him from his cage. This is amazing customer service. Each week Nichole reported progress. She finally could trim his feet without him getting upset, for example, or she could use a more precise tool without him becoming frightened. While Opie still isn't an "easy" client, he's been with Nichole over a year now and I am no longer terrified for him to go, and he isn't nearly as upset, either.

Best of all, Opie is healthier because his coat is healthier, and...guess what..his hair grew back on top! I have my beautiful dog back, inside and out, thanks to Paradise Pets. Nichole literally healed a traumatized dog with her skill and care. I would never take Opie anywhere else!

I would recommend Paradise Pets... by Cindy Layton,
I would recommend Paradise Pets for pet grooming to anyone, Nicole is great with my Pom, Tbear. She is very knowledgeable in grooming and she loves animals! Tbear loves her, when I leave Tbear to be groomed I do not worry because I know that he is in good care and loving hands. If you need pet grooming Paradise Pets is the place to go! Cindy Layton, Tunnelton, WV

Great Groomer... by Deborah Yackel,
Nicole is such an excellent groomer. She grooms my dog with a high maintenance coat on a regular basis. She is very knowledgeable about the different breeds and how to groom them. Her experience and love of animals is very evident. My dog is always happy to see her which is not usually the case with groomers. Her prices are reasonable for the wonderful job that she does. Keep up the great work, Nicole.

I truly appreciate Paradise Pet... by Judy Reckart,
As the owner of an apricot standard poodle, I truly appreciate the Paradise Pets' staff's talents and skills. Owner Nichole Larew worked with me to design a modified "puppy clip" for my poodle, Keister - a 'do that's both attractive (he still looks like a poodle), practical and relatively low-maintenance despite Keister's "pig-in-a-poodle-suit" tendencies. With her years of experience as a professional groomer, Nichole knows dogs: I've recommended her shop's services to several friends who've been equally pleased with the results of her efforts. Paradise Pets is clean, well-equipped, well-managed and locally-owned and operated. Additionally, Nichole's prices are more than reasonable, especially given the high quality service she provides. If there's a dog groomer category in an upcoming Best of Morgantown competition, my vote goes to Paradise Pets.

Our furr-kids are Patches and Petite... by Pat and Brenda Castro,
My wife, Brenda, and I wanted to take time to write a long overdue testimonial for our furr-kids' groomer, who is Nicole at Paradise Pets in Morgantown, WV. Our furr-kids are Patches (10 year Shih-tzu) and Petite ( 9 year Shih-Poo) and for a more accurate description of their grooming experiences with Nicole, they should be the ones writing this testimonial; however we will try to make sure they would approve of our effort to do this. Quick background...we've had both since they were 6 weeks old (1 year apart) and we travel all over the country and have had many groomers along the way. We have found that there are two elements of this business that concerns us the most....quality of service and the ability to make that dog-whisperer connection with our furr-kids. There are some groomers who have neither, many have the quality of service, but rare is the groomer who can groom and make that special connection. (In all fairness, we must mention one other groomer we found who had both qualities out in New Mexico.) Patches and Petite all but melt to the floor when they go to Paradise Pets. They make themselves at home! All that behavior of trembling and hugging the exit door is none-existent. We've had groomers who seemed to be listening when we verbalized our requests, but the results said otherwise. Nicole makes the adjustments, usually based on cold or warm weather cuts. The cost is comparable and the service is generous. Their location is centralized and easy to find. On a more personal note...thank you Nicole for doing what you do and for being who you are!
Pat and Brenda Castro