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Dog Grooming in Morgantown, West Virginia

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When you want your pet to look their best, have your dog groomed at Paradise Pets! Make an appointment today.

Appointments are preferred but walk-ins for nail trims can be accommodated.                           

NOW AVAILALBLE... Dog Walking and In-Home Pet Sitting


Sometimes, it is hard to keep your pet groomed. Bring your pet to the pet groomers at Paradise Pets Grooming in Morgantown, West Virginia, for a little pampering to keep it well-groomed. From the basic nail trimming to a cut and style, our pet groomers do it all.

Pamper Your Precious Pet
Your precious dog or cat deserves a little pampering. Bring your cuddly pooch and friendly feline to our facility for affordable pet grooming services, including a haircut and new style, a relaxing bath, and a nail trim.

Meet Nichole Larew, owner of Paradise Pets
Nichole is an experienced licensed & certified professional dog groomer. She has over 22 years of dog grooming experience. Paradise Pets Grooming is a locally-owned-and-operated pet grooming facility with the only licensed and certified pet groomer in the area.
Nichole started the company because of her passion for animals. Because she grew up on a large farm, she worked with animals from a very young age; thus, her love for animals developed and grew. Throughout the years, Nichole has done quite a bit of volunteer work with the local shelters. It was during this time that she saw many dogs, dirty with matted fur. After learning how to make each dog look its best so it found a good home, she realized her calling in life: pet grooming. From there, Nichole got a license as a pet groomer and opened her own pet grooming facility. Paradise Pets Grooming was established. We specialize in dog grooming. Many of the dogs that come to our facility come from abused homes or have had bad experiences with bad groomers. We make it a point to do therapy work for those dogs to help them have a healthier, happier life. We also take on dogs that other groomers won’t take on.


We love your pets as much as you do, and it shows! Making animals feel happy is our passion, and we excel at treating them with care while providing creative dog grooming. We do it all to keep you and your pet pleased. Your satisfaction (and your pet's) is guaranteed!

Schedule an appointment for your cat or dog grooming needs at our Morgantown, West Virginia, pet salon.

Hours of Operation: Mo Tu Th Fr (7:00 am - 4:00 pm)         Earlier and Late Drop offs available